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Accumix Concrete has a well-established reputation for excellence in the supply of BSI accredited concrete. With a rapidly growing network of quarries and supply hubs we are able to provide a fast, flexible, high quality service to sites across the UK.

Our dedicated team of professional staff combined with a fleet of advanced, specialist delivery vehicles are key factors in making Accumix one of the country’s leading suppliers to the contract construction and civil engineering markets.

BSI Accredited Concrete Supplier

The facts

Most of today’s buildings rely on concrete for their foundations, floors and many other structural components, whilst much contemporary architecture owes a great deal to concrete for its aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency.

In the UK, we currently use around 16 million cubic metres of concrete per year and that figure is set to increase to an estimated 25 million cubic metres within the next decade.

Accumix provided a service which delivered a flexible solution allowing us to carry out an intricate pour in a specific timeframe, with no waste generated.

Simon Williams
Senior Project Manager
Costain Ltd

Properties + composition

Strength and flexibility are the key properties that make concrete the most widely used construction material in the world. It can be used in small or large quantities and formed into practically any shape. For construction work, reinforcement materials such is steel are used to increase tensile strength.

To create concrete, cement, water and aggregates are combined in carefully controlled, predetermined ratios. Accumix has years of expertise in the creation of concrete mixes to suit individual and specialist applications and all of our concrete is BSI accredited.


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Why partner with Accumix

  • Efficiency

    Teams of dedicated technical sales staff are on hand to manage your project from initial enquiry through to completion, quickly and efficiently.

  • Speed

    Strategically located sites and a fleet of modern, custom-built delivery vehicles ensure expedient delivery to any mainland UK location.

  • Cost

    Our solutions are designed to save you both time and money per individual project using volumetric systems so you only pay for the amount of concrete you use.

Built to last

Our flexible service is dedicated to meeting the demands of the construction and civil engineering industries with high quality concrete mixes designed to meet the requirements of each project.

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