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Accumix has many years of experience in the supply of concrete for the repair, improvement and construction of the nation’s motorways.

We have developed the knowledge and resources to enable us to meet the exacting demands of the sector. The motorway network is critical to the infrastructure of the UK, which means that work needs to be carried out in a time-sensitive, flexible manner with stringent adhesion to the regulations dictated by Highways England.

Projects often require vehicles, operators and materials to be available at short notice and Accumix has extensive human and plant resources as well as access to our own aggregate stocks at strategic sites throughout the country. In order to minimize disruption, works are often carried out at night and we are able to operate on a 24 hour basis where required.

Accumix also operates a dedicated emergency call out facility. Call our Head Office for further information.

Accumix provides concrete solutions for us on Highway/Motorway schemes ranging from emergency call outs to planned 5,000m3+ slip form schemes. Throughout all these schemes, no matter what the quantity, demand, location or specific requirements, Accumix has constantly stepped up to the mark delivering what we want, when we want.

Phil Bradley
Operations Director
Joe Roocroft & Sons Ltd

Why choose Accumix for your next project

Health and Safety is a primary consideration at all sites and Accumix’s workforce are fully trained in all aspects of vehicle and equipment operation with a deeply ingrained understanding of motorway contract procedures. We use the very latest technology to ensure that concrete is delivered accurately, safely and to the exacting standards required for each project.

We have carried out a wide range of projects on many major UK carriageways, often using specially designed concrete mixes to ensure that surfaces are ready for public use within short periods of time. Our scope of work has included road surface installation and repairs, new drainage installations and the replacement of central barriers with new slip-formed concrete barriers – all key factors in improving the safety and efficiency of our motorway network.

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Our flexible service is dedicated to meeting the demands of the construction and civil engineering industries with high quality concrete mixes designed to meet the requirements of each project.

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