concrete being smoothed over

flowing concrete

Developed by Accumix in association with Oscrete Construction Products, our free flowing and self-compacting concrete makes the creation of strong, level floor surfaces fast and easy for construction teams.

Because the product is highly fluid there is no need to move the concrete once it has been poured and no need to vibrate it to achieve compaction. Workers only need to pour the Flowing Concrete into the required area and then dapple/tam lightly to finish.

The speed and ease of the placement process creates major gains for the customer in terms of reduced manpower and cost. Removing the necessity for vibration reduces noise, which is beneficial to employees and local residents.

Key benefits

  • Self-levelling
  • Flows into area without spadework
  • No need to vibrate
  • Saves time and cost

Built to last

Our flexible service is dedicated to meeting the demands of the construction and civil engineering industries with high quality concrete mixes designed to meet the requirements of each project.

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