lightweight concrete

lightweight concrete

In situations where the weight of a building or structure is critical, Accumix can offer a unique concrete solution, developed in association with lightweight aggregate specialist Lytag. Our lightweight concrete product can be used for a range of applications including structural concrete, void fill, floor levelling and repair.

It also helps to solve some of the logistical issues associated with delivering concrete to the site. For instance, the reduced weight (up to 40% lighter than natural aggregate concrete) allows the product to be pumped to greater heights.

In addition, load size is not constrained by load weight and this translates to fewer vehicle movements, resulting in optimum economy, efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

Because Lightweight Concrete combines significant weight reduction with the same strength as natural aggregate concrete, the dead load of the building is reduced. This results in considerable savings, not only in the product itself but also in the cost of reinforcement.

Reducing the weight of the construction material places fewer limitations on architects and structural engineers, making more innovative designs possible. For instance, building designs can incorporate larger spans, fewer or smaller columns, longer cantilevers, and slimmer general sections. All of this means usable floorspace is increased whilst providing far more flexibility in terms of the interior design.

Lightweight concrete offers:

  • Same performance as natural aggregate concrete
  • Compressive strength of up to 65N
  • Improved fire resistance compared to natural material
  • Compliance with all British & European Standards at a fraction of the weight
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Improved insulation
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Cost savings

New build applications

The fact that Lightweight concrete can be pumped to greater heights, combined with its high quality finish means that it is a primary choice for the construction of highrise buildings, such as those seen in much of London’s modern skyline. The reduced weight of the structure allows the foundation design to be simplified, leading to potential cost savings. Other major construction projects, such as bridges, benefit from the practical advantages of using lightweight concrete without compromising on the integrity of the structure.

Our lightweight concrete reduces the coefficient of thermal expansion by up to a third compared to standard concrete. As a result, fewer movement joints are required and there is less risk of thermal cracking.

Key applications

  • Structures where weight needs to be kept to a minimum
  • Higher buildings – such as the Cheesegrater (Leadenhall Building)
  • Void fill (bridges)

Refurbishment/repair applications

Where repairs involve the addition of more concrete to existing structures, Lightweight Concrete is the ideal solution; keeping structural load to a minimum. The reduced weight also makes it suitable for creating additional floors (mezzanines) within existing buildings or adding screeds to address floor levels with minimal load implications.

Key applications

  • Minimising structural loading
  • Additional floors (mezzanines)
  • Addressing floor levels (screed)

In summary, lightweight concrete enables the construction of thermally efficient buildings more quickly and efficiently, at a lower cost and with greater environmental advantages.

Traditionally, normal hours deliveries for low volumes of lightweight concrete are very difficult to source. Typical batch plants will only want to swap to lightweight aggregate for minimum production runs of at least 40m3. Supplying small quantities is no problem for our volumetric delivery vehicles and the fact that we can mix the product on site, without waste is a major benefit to our customers. You only pay for what you use.

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