concrete truck on runway

rapid return to service

Many of the industries that are critical to the nation’s infrastructure require solutions that demand a rapid return to service following any development or repairs to concrete surfaces.

In many cases if work on major transport links is not completed within a restricted, predetermined window of time there can be serious financial and operational ramifications.

Accumix has extensive expertise in providing solutions where project speed is of the essence.

As well as the road, rail, and airport sectors, our services can have important advantages in the construction industry, where it is often beneficial to accelerate a programme of works.

Commercial ports, distribution centres, freight hubs, foundries and power stations are just some examples of areas where limiting downtime due to construction or repairs is vital.

Not only is Accumix able to provide a dedicated night team, we are able to employ our advanced delivery units, using rapid strength gain concrete.

There are two basic types of Rapid Strength Gain Concrete – Rapid Strength Hours for projects where it is critical for service to be resumed in the shortest possible period of time or Rapid Strength Days for situations where possession can be extended to a number of days.

Built to last

Our flexible service is dedicated to meeting the demands of the construction and civil engineering industries with high quality concrete mixes designed to meet the requirements of each project.

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