concrete being poured

rapid strength concrete days

Developed by Accumix, Rapid Strength Days concrete provides a cost-effective alternative solution in situations where possession can be extended to a number of days. This service is ideal for contracts that are too large or complex to carry out in a shorter period or where the designated area is slightly less critical and can be avoided for a short time.

The strength gain properties of this product are vastly superior to traditional solutions. Whilst standard concrete takes around 28 to reach design strength, Rapid Strength Days needs only 2-3 days to achieve the same integrity. The applications are numerous and include possible use in structures, foundations and paving. The product can be pumped or placed directly, without the need for special tools.

Key properties

  • Design strength gained in days
  • High ultimate strength
  • Various levels of consistency available to suit placement method; pump, skip & direct
  • Resistance to Chlorides
  • Low surface absorption
  • Low shrinkage
  • High freeze thaw resistance
  • No specialist tools required
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