concrete slipforming


The slip forming of concrete for the production of central barriers for motorways and other civil engineering or construction projects is traditionally a highly demanding, time-consuming operation.

The consistency of the material is critical to the process. If a pre-mixed batch of concrete is used it is difficult to rectify inaccuracies that could affect the integrity of the structure.

Our custom-built volumetric vehicles provide total control over the consistency of the concrete as it is formed as well as allowing adjustment of the mix proportions where required.

Accumix developed the ‘mix & move’ feature on volumetric vehicles – allowing concrete to be produced whilst the vehicle is driven along with the slipformer. This process enables concrete to be formed in a continuous operation, optimising the speed and efficiency of central barrier repairs and replacements. In addition, Accumix ensures that sufficient vehicles are deployed to allow an uninterrupted supply of concrete.

Our trucks typically produce concrete at 30m3/hr which equates to approximately 40 linear metres.

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